About Us

Head Strong Grafx takes years of world-renowned experience and embraces the challenge of displaying your passions, personality, and individuality for all to see and praise. With a commitment to understanding what you envision, we’re able to guarantee satisfaction regardless of the design’s complexity.


Whether you’re a pro or a recreational player, your utmost satisfaction is our goal. That’s why our frequent and clear communication throughout the process is unrivaled. If necessary, rendering specialists are available to help you design what you envision before the mask is ever received. As the mask itself is prepped, stenciled, and painted, you’ll receive pictures throughout the design’s progress. This ensures that not only is the design perfect and as you imagined, but also gives you insight into the care that goes into your mask’s design.






I can’t thank Head Strong Grafx enough for a great experience! When my mask was delivered to their shop, the work on it started immediately. During the entire painting process I was sent daily progress pics and was also able to follow the painting process right on their Facebook page. The quality of their work is AMAZING… they turned my mask into a work of art!”

- Greg Krieger


“I couldn’t be happier with my paint job. Other goalies have actually come up to me and asked who painted it. It turned out great. The different designs on either side makes it truly original. I was most impressed with how detailed everything is, I couldn’t ask for a better paint job. I will be asking Headstrong Grafx to paint my helmet for the rest of my professional career.”

- Rob Nolan, Missouri Mavericks, Central Hockey League


“This paint job is the nicest I’ve ever had! Jay really understood my ideas, and he made them happen! The communication was really good; he made sure that every detail was clear! I really enjoyed the sample and progress pictures that he sent me while he was doing it. Plus, it was really quick! I received my mask in a week after the appointment date. Even though he did it quickly, the quality of the paint job and the attention to detail is unreal! Overall this is a 10 out of 10. Everything was just perfect! Everyone has just good comments to say about my mask. Thanks again, Jay from Head Strong Grafx!”

- Pier-Olivier Pelletier, Laredo Bucks, Central Hockey League


“Great turnaround time, amazing communication back and forth, and it’s like they ripped the concept straight out of my head and put it on the mask. I’d go with them again even before I saw that my bucket looked like van Gogh himself did it; now not only would I, but I wouldn’t let my buddies make the mistake of going with anyone else.”

– A.J. Frey